We don’t just fix problems. The range and quality of the services we provide enables our customers to successfully overcome the challenges of maintaining continued operations — guaranteeing a partnership that delivers improved reliability, capacity and efficiency.

From filter, oil and coolant changes to specialist dynamic balancing, we are skilled in the general and specialist servicing of diesel engine plant, turbochargers and ancillary equipment ranging from 50KW to 1.5MW installations. We provide full and partial servicing, scheduled and breakdown inspections, monitoring and adjustments, fault finding and re-activations, as well as operational advice.

We offer scheduled and breakdown repairs, both general and technical, for diesel installations ranging from 50KW to 1.5MW. As well as turbocharger repair and re-blades, we can repair and machine shafts & shrouds, wear rings, valves & inserts. We also provide component welding, surface grinding, metal spraying and coating repairs.

We are the South West’s leading provider of specialist cleaning services. Our chemical circulation, ultrasonic and vapour blast cleaning facilities deliver enhanced results. Whether for engine or turbocharger components or complete shipboard/site systems we help restore full functionality

We provide scheduled and breakdown overhauls for new models and for ageing assets. Our overhauls include the removal and dismantling of single assemblies or complete engine and turbocharger units; cleaning, inspection, measurement, report and repair advice; replacement of worn and damaged parts; NDT and pressure testing; full rebuild, test running and trials.

We carry new and reconditioned spare parts in stock to cover most standard servicing needs of our customers’ ABB and Napier turbochargers. We supply parts for all well-known brands including ABB, Holset, MAN, Mitsubishi and Napier. We also stock a quantity of ageing turbochargers for those customers whose inventory contains older assets