Chemical Cleaning

We’re the South West’s leading provider of specialist cleaning services, and our chemical circulation, ultrasonic and vapour blast cleaning facilities deliver enhanced results.

Whether for engine or turbocharger components or complete shipboard/site systems, we help restore full functionality.

  • Charge Air Coolers
  • Heat Exchangers – Shell & Tube
  • Heat Exchangers – Plate Type
  • Radiators
  • Clearing, de-greasing and de-scaling of scupper systems
  • Cleaning & de-scaling of black & grey water systems
  • De-scaling of potable water systems
  • De-scaling of chilled water systems
  • Removal of oil contamination from potable water systems
  • De-scaling and Passivation of water side
  • Removal of oil contamination from water side
  • Carbon removal from gas side
  • De-scaling of hot water calorifiers
  • De-scaling of fresh water generators
  • De-scaling of sea water cooling systems
  • Degreasing & de-scaling of fuel valve cooling systems
  • De-scaling of radiator systems
  • Degreasing & Biocide treatment of fuel and lub oil systems
  • Carbon removal from lub oil systems.
  • Generator air filters
  • Turbocharger Air Filter/Silencer assemblies